Hy all,I am Sherin ,by profession i am a medical student but by passion i am a dancer,singer,painter,henna artist,traveller and writer . I belong to a family where each and everyone is a passionate traveller,at a very young age itself i started travelling with my parents.our trips were mostly unplanned,we just head on to a place without booking hotels or even knowing what all places we are going to visit or how many days its gonna take and sometimes we diverge from our destination in the midway. As a fortunate young women born and bought up in different countries my memories are filled with beautiful places and even now when i get a few minutes all i can think is travel,travel and travel!!! I am fortunate enough to travel to places but i know many people who haven’t even explored the places near thier home and far off places are just a lost dream for them… this blog is meant for giving virtual experiences of visiting beautiful places for such people in a story manner and if you are planning a trip to some places i have written about then its a good idea to read my blogs because i use less imagination and exageration and give a exact idea of how the place looks like ! Hope my page doesn’t bore you.. stay connected.

checkout this channel for travel videos.
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