A bunch of monkeys welcomed me to the land of rice fields and mango grooves….

a long distance view of massive western ghats

Have you ever wondered how those massive moutains have been formed or how do you cross a mountain without a aeroplane ??? I am not sure about you ,but i have!!! and not only once but many times …… lets start a journey right now … pack your bags and follow me to the majestic WESTERN GHATS in kerela, india.

tamilnadu side of western ghats

Whenever there is a hectic day , a family drive is the best solution and thats how almost all of my trips start ,being a resident of mountain side of kollam district of kerela ,the best spot for a long drive is crossing the borders of kerela and stepping into the beauty of tamilnadu through the scenic beauty of western ghats.

We passed all the busy streets and roads and came into the lushness of nature,. The western ghats is a mountain range located in india which is older than Himalayas and it starts from gujarat and ends in the southern tip of india (tamilnadu), these mountain range is literally the reason for abundance of rain and thereby greenary of kerela.

When we start our journey, the starting point of greenary and forest area is thenmala , there is thenmala ecotourism, view point, dam and many more for adventure lovers and its a story for other day.. and also there is 13 kannarapalam build by the British which is also a chapter for some other day.

We passed all these places and finally reached aryankavu , there is a checkpost in this place , whenever we passed through this place there used to be a long queue, lorryies and cars waited in line for the police checkingand we too waited and after 15 minutes we passed through the narrowest bridge(now its rennovated and made big) in this route and literally we are ENROUTE to western ghats..



we started to climb up the mountain, as we started to conquer heights our ears started to close and the weather began to be more cooler, the road went twisting and turning through the lush green , looking through the window all i could see was different shades of green and wide variety of red flowers , the sight was so beautiful that even thinking about it makes my mind refreshed,there was no much vehicles on the road it was silent, the sounds of nature echoed around us..

The one thing which fascinated me more than the nature is the constructions made by the British during thier rule in india!!! On the way we could could see many small bridges and tunnels for train to pass and and mountain walls etc made by them , they all stood strong and tall and reminded me of the british india which i have read in my history text books , the best part of this is that before few years this was the only metre gauge in india and a last train passed through it before converting it into broad guage , a train ride through this path is still my dream..

Watching the greenary and wondering about the british time flied away , we reached the top of the western ghats and it is called kottavasal, there is a small forest checkpost , thus is the last point of kerela and the starting point of tamilnadu and there was a bunch of monkeys who welcomed us to the otherside of the mountain , the small pass through which we are crossing this mountain is called schencottah gap . The trees was huge and green, there was small tea shops and monkeys and people crowded there, moving forward i felt like i am love with these topical evergreen rainforest and in some places on the way i saw teak also , there was monkeys everywhere on the road , we stopped our car and fed some of them , now its time for s turns, they are the s shaped hairpins turns in the mountain and they are the highlight of this drive, we went down the mountain passing each and every s turns… i wondered how did the british with such limited technology before these many years constructed this road through the mountain!!🤔🤔🤔

Finally we reached flat grounds and everything looked very different, the language changed, the terrain changed, the look of people changed and now i know what it feels like if you cross the borders of your state 😅

a rainy day in puliara , tamilnadu

we reached the first place in tamilnadu- puliara , huge rice fields welcomed us , when looking back the western ghats looked as if it was painted by some talented artist!!! There was acres of mango fields on both sides of the road, people selling mango pickles wandered here and there , windmills appeared near the fields , terrain looked so different, the ground looked more dry compared to the soil in other side of the mountain, rain is less in this side conpared to the other side, but we reached here on a rainy day 🤷‍♀️we had a small picnic near one of the fields, rested for a while , then we went to chenkottai and then to tenkasi and headed back home..

More than fifty times i have gone through this same path but never i felt bored, i felt like western ghats is calling me back, i can’t just conclude the wonders of western ghat in just one blog post , more about westernghats and rosemala and some water falls have been saved for the up coming blogs and also the next time lets continue this journey from tenkasi to madurai and to madurai meenakshi temple!


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