If you are interested in travelling , then let me take you to malamel para ,a beautiful local tourist destination in kerela, india. FOR THE COMPLETE VIDEO CLICK ON THIS ICON

It was a warm day ,after a full fletch working week i felt like i need to relax a bit , when i thought of walking into nature , many options crashed into my brain but the most beautiful and safest place crashed into me very last! Finally we fixed malamel rock for our evening trip.

It was 4 in the evening when we reached the place, its almost calm and quiet ,there was a few people around and the place had sign boards placed by the kerela tourism department . I was visiting the place for the first time , many people including keralites don’t even know that such a place exists !!!

We parked our car near a dividing road , its the last point till where four wheelers can go , we walked past small temples, even though this is a developing tourist place, this place was known to the locals including my father and his friends from thier childhood, they used this place as a hangout area when they used to bung clasess from school!!!.

There was not much distance for us to walk ,soon we reached in front of a dividing road again, one road leads to malamel temple and the other lead to malamel hill top, we took the second one because we want to enjoy as much as we can before getting dark.

We walked a little to reach a check post like area ,dad went to take tickets while i stood thier enjoying the veiw ,as he came back he was mumbling to himself , he was kind of astonished to see the place modified and having a ticket counter and not even in his childhood wild dreams he thought that such transformation would happen to this place!

I was just wonder struck to see the veiw , i never expected this much beauty in this small place, clouds floated above my head as if it was a endless sea of white wool and it just streched across the horizon as if it will never end.

Malamel rock is not just a single rock ,its a group of rocks and each rock has its own name, there were benches made of cement for people to sit and relax , we sat in one of those benches and relaxed for a while , it was just mind blowing!!!.

After resting for a while , we stood up and was ready to climb the upper rocks, the rocks laid intermixed with tall grassess and climbing up took a little time ,as we go further up , climbing and walking became a little bit more difficult for the older people so we rested in between, enjoyed the veiw and walked again , standing in one rock and looking up make us feel that the clouds are soo near and if we just climb one more rock we could just touch them!!!

Now the time is almost 5:30pm it started to become darker and the the sun is seting and clouds looks like golden pillows arranged in the beautiful sky above me, we climed down the hill, the place is now more crowded ,we went to the cafeteria and bought icecreams, the very next thing i could remember was me surrounded by a bunch of monkeys, the place is full of monkeys now , they waited near us for getting icecream , some monkeys were soo huge and some were babies, the huge ones terrorized the smaller ones and took icecreams and all from them.

I spotted a little monkey who was handicapped and was terrorized by the bigger ones and didn’t get anything to eat, i felt sad for him and gave him my half empty icecream cone to him, he was superhappy and i was too and i waited near him and watched him untill he finish the full icecream.

Its time for us to go back and its getting dark, we walked past the malamel temple, this temple is considered divine due to its close proximity to jadayupara.According to hindu religion there is a huge bird called jadayu who once carried a rock on his wings and the rock fell down and malamel para is considered as that very rock!!! Locals say this is a very divine temple with five doors and the god is really powerfull!

And we bid goodbye to this beautiful place which made my evening wonder full, the place reminded me of my wagamon trip , you can check this out if interested, also let me know how you felt after visiting this place in comment box.


Location : 15 minutes away from anchal(kollam district , kerela , india)

Nearest railway station :kollam railway station.

Bus service is available but it is better to go in private vehicles than depending on public ones.

Entry by taking ticket ( ticket rate negligible)

Cafeteria is available inside for buying snacks and water.


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