Hey all i am gonna take you through a offroad wagamon (India)journey, for knowing the details of the place check the summary at last of the page and if you wanna see the full video do click here..

It was a fine morning ,we all were really exited because its the first one day trip after lock down and we climbed up the hills through the curvy roads…

entrance of wagamon meadows

We passedby beautiful veiwpoints and small waterfalls and reached the main destination-wagamon meadows, first we are gonna explore this place then we will start our offroad ride.The wagamon meadows have a ticket counter and the ticket rate is negligible.

We started to walk through the paved path of wagamon meadows ,there is around 14 hills in this compound we walked and walked and walked,posed for some pictures and then again walked.

paved paths of wagamon meadows

We walked and walked but soon got exhausted, it was december ,the time when the wagamon hills used to be covered fully with fog but due to the burevi cyclone which hit few days back the complete climate of the place changed and it became really hot !!!.

The hills streched endlessly in front of us,the thing which surprised me most was the cows! They just roamed freely as if they were owned by no one they just moved as they like and i wish everyone in this world had this freedom.

wagamon meadow lake

Atlast after a few hours of walk we reached the lake , it is the end point of those fourteen hills, everything was beautiful expect the hot sun!we rushed back to the entrance to start our offroad trip.

just some random shop selling things for the tourist
shops selling homemade chocolates

The entrance had few shops selling hats and dolls for tourists and some sells homemade chocolates ,we brought a pack of chocolates and headed towards our jeap.

our safari jeep ,the jeep jounrney charge is RS 2000

And now we started our offroad trip!, our driver guy was a nice man he started to explain to us about the journey and the places we are gonna visit and so on, he was a really friendly man, we headed to our first destination.

Destination1: Illadenkunnu

We bounced and bounced inside the jeep as the jeep climbed up through an untarred forest road,suddenly the driver took the jeep to a clear space in the top of the hill and done a skidding rotation with the jeep and i was hanging like a monkey in mid air inside the jeep!. Our first destination is called Illadenkunnu named after a tribal man and its a beautiful meadow.


Our driver started to explain,”this place is like meeshapulimala it is covered in the fog in morning and night and only tip of the mountains are seen at that time, people are allowed to enter here but if tribals find them lighting fire then they will be screwed because if something catches fire then the full forest will be burned to ashes by forest fire.

Destination3:idukki dam backside veiw

The next place we went is the veiw point where we can see the backside of idukki dam,its a large dam in kerela and its the source of water and electricity for people of kerela.

On our route to different places we saw many small tea plantations and they are owned by tribal people ,in local language its called parembu kolenthu which means backyard plantation ,its market rate is very high because the tea is of high quality and there are many well educated tribals in this forest and i was really surprised to hear this!!!

Destination4:KSEB manmade canal

On the way to the destination no 4 we came in front of a river with cold water the water from this river flows into the idukki dam.

kseb manmade canal

The canal is 5kms long and is manmade, the canal was made for transporting water for generating electricity, we can walk through the canal,we just went few meters inside and came back.

Its pitch black inside the canal, i used my flash light to see, the canal is full of bats and thete are even people who walked 1km inside the cave but i was not ready to do so.

Destination 5:suicide point

Like everyother suicide point in hill stations of kerela ,this place was really mindblowing, the place with its clouds and yellow sky and the sunset… the place was seriously romantic!!!

We headed back to wagamon meadows the place from where we started our offroad ,its only 4pm in the evening but its almost dark and foggy.

Its cold right now and foggy , the sight of fog descending down is beautiful ,slowly and slowly i was merging into the beauty but its time to leave this place behind ,we got into the car and started off but inside my mind i made a small promise to this place-“i will come back to see u”.


place name : wagamon

State: kerela

District :kottayam and idukki


Nearest cityAruvithuraElapparaKattappanakottayam,
Nearest Railway StationKottayam,

Nearest airport = Cochin International Airport

Ksrtc bus service is avaliable but not frequent, its better to use car for reaching the place.

JEEP : There is no need for prebooking the jeep, jeep is easily avaliable and mostly you can find them near the checkpost at the beginning of wagamon or in the front of wagamon meadows.

COST OF JEEP : Rs 2000 for a jeep which can accomodate a maximum of 7 person(rate won’t decrease with decreasing the no of people), this rate is for the 3 hours to and from journey


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