Come along and let me take you to trivandrum museum, in the heart of city trivandrum ,where history merges with present.

It was a bright and sunny day even though its December 1 , i woke up that morning fresh as a morning flower because its the very next day after the exams ended and we needed to relax and wanna go into nature to bid bye to those sleepless nights and stress .As always when we thought of a outing the first place which came into our mind was TRIVANDRUM MUSEUM.

common entrance for both museum complex and zoo

TRIVANDRUM MUSEUM also called NAPIER MUSEUM is situated 15 minutes away from where we stay, it is in the center of the TRIVANDRUM CITY and easily accessible by bus (details of the location and how to acess the place will be given in summary).

          We reached there almost at late morning ,the museum complex contains a zoo also  ( click here to read that blog

The best part of being in museum complex is its greenary and the way history merges with nature,when we went through the gate ,a thick green canopy welcomed us ,the first thing we did was, find a place to sit .Usually the grass will all be crowded and its the heaven for couples because in India unlike western countries ,we won’t entertain unmarried couples roaming around!!!!(but i don’t agree with that mentality).But thos place is much more couple friendly.

The oldest living rubber tree in kerela which travencore king Vishakam thirunal bought from ceylon  is still here in this park.

People usually come here for many purposes, some comes here for fun like me and my friends,some do combine study in nature some just walk around hand in hand and soo on ,but napier museum ground is a emotion for everyone.

We talked and talked for hours ,from gossips to politics to every otherthing that came in between and after that we took some good photos of us and nature ,filmed some videos for my youtube channel and my henna page and my travel page.

After a few hours of rest we went to the restaurant inside the compound and had some yummy biriyani and lemonade.The next aim is to visit the main museum building.

The napier museum is a art museum which was build and opened on 1855 ,the orignal building was demolished  in 1874 and this new building was build in the same place ,you may be wondering why this weird western name for a Indian building! The building was named after lord napier, governer of madras (British India).

In the picture you can see horse shaped wooden works resembling the ones in kuthira maalika palace.

The building was designed according to indo sarcenic style with gothic roofs and minarets and i am soooo fond of this building  there is a fountain in front and back of this building and the building has its own natural cooling system.

ancient canon from travencore dynasty

The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 4:30 pm and has a very low entry fee ,we stepped into the museum it was beautiful and cool inside ,the architecture was awesome ,from outside it seems that the building is double storied but stepping inside you will understand its just single storied with a small balcony like upper floor (camera is not allowed inside otherwise i would have filmed it for you) and this building reminds me of the chineese summer palace situated in kollam kerela which is in ruins now!!!.

little hut like building near the main one

I was exited to see the ancient collection of ornaments, bronze idols ,chariots and the throne which showed the richness of culture of travencore and its kings. The place also contains small hut like bulidings nearby which contains beautiful carvings and the place is rich with trees and flowering plants and i saw a underground room in one building whoes purpose is not known.

children’s park – my weakness

Now its time to checkout other museums, we walked a little through the never ending pathway but was distracted by the childrens park (childrens play space is  still a weakness for me) we roamed around a little and tried to get into one of the slides and was scolded publicly by the guards.

The next thing we came across is the natural history museum, as the name suggests its a cool building with skeletons and stuffed birds showing evolution and its a paradise for the science lovers.

Next to natural history museum is Sree Chitra Art Gallery ,a building specially meant for art lovers which displays art works of RAJA RAVI VARMA and also mughal and tanjore art.

Did you see the little one right below the carving ,i think she got confused with the real fish and carvings 😂😂😂

The last place to visit was a beautiful one ,its all decorated with fish carvings ,fish statues and mermaids -the aquarium, i am a kind of person who is damn fond of pets so that i enjoyed it soo much.

And its almost late evening and time for us to head back to hostel ,it was a pretty awesome day!!! Even though i have been here for a thousand time nothing bored me and everything seemed new to me 😁 if you get time, do come to my trivandrum and visit trivandrum museum and let me know how you felt!!!


Location: trivandrum,kerela ,india


Nearest airport :trivandrum international airport

Nearest railway station: trivandrum central railway station

Nearest bustop: Pmg bus stop

(plenty of bus ,auto and uber is available and is easy to reach the place since its in the heart of the city.)

Entry fee is there for individual museum buildings

Timing :8am to 4:30pm


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    1. Thank you soo much for sparing your valuable time for reading my post it means a lot to me , may b my travel video to this place will interest you , if interested do checkout its in the start of this post.


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