It was 25 December 2019 , yes the chirtmas day!!! We were heading on to the nearby hill station situated in trivandrum, kerela,India. You may be wondering why am travelling on a christmas day without celebrating Christmas at home , if you check the calender ,there is only a few days marked holiday in it and one of them is christmas and that is the only time when me and my dad gets a day off ( but still my brother was busy with other works and couldn’t join us) and being a passionate travel family we mostly celebrate every occasion travelling to beautiful places.

This time we choosed ponmudi (golden hills) hill station because it was a good destination for 1 day trip and its not the first time i am visiting that place ….

We moved through the regular roads to ponmudi when a sudden idea flashed on to my mind, what if there is something else to see in this place and grabbed my phone and typed -” places to visit near ponmudi” and to my surprise there came a long list of places from which we choosed a fancy place- MEENMUTTY WATERFALLS.

We headed through the roads our google map guided us and we reached a place where we could see a large gate ,a check point and a board showing ” WELCOME KERELA FOREST DEPARTMENT ECOTOURISM KALLAR” .

It was almost noon by the time when we reached this place ,we ate lunch from the nearby hotel and went to the gate ,at the gate they gave us a pass and recorded our car number and the number of people inside it..our car moved in and after a few metres the tarred road ended and we started to move through a narrow dusty road and we came in front of a small shallow river like waterbody with pebbles and boulders and wondered if we should park our car and walk on ,then a car came crossing the river and we decided to move across the river in the car ,as it was Christmas day , the place was really crowded and it took us 20 minutes to move just few meters to block and giving side for other vehicles. At a point a officer stopped us and asked us to park our cars in the parking lot and move by foot because it is the limit till where vehicles can go.

The parking space was almost full and there was a park for kids attached to the parking lot, we walked through dusty unleveled narrow road for a few meters and reached the bank of a river.On one side there was crystal clear water flowing by kicking through the boulders and people happily enjoying the cold water and the little natural pools in the river by swimming and bathing in the water and on other side there were huge boulders and a small shop selling water,juice and some snacks.

when i looked forward there was a sign board showing the direction of meenmutty water falls and a small path went in the direction and disappeared behind some boulders. Dad rested on one of the boulders and me and my mom moved on in the direction showen by sign board thinking that waterfalls was just some what behind the boulders… we both walked and climbed mud and rock steps but the path went as it never ends….

At first we walked through a dusty path and on the sides there were wash rooms for tourist and we moved forward, first it was a small slope and we reached a narrow path were there were bamboo fence on one side and we can see the river clearly and on other it was just tress and bushes,the path was too narrow that people can move only in one direction. Then we started to move down the slope and the dusted floor was really slippery with loose pebbles and stones,then more slopes came and we climed up and climbed and then there were twisting and curving flat path also.

There was natural forest on both sides and when we moved on we could see trees with huge roots twisting into different shapes on both sides and somewhere even on the middles of the path and like every other visitor we too sat on those roots and clicked pictures,huge trees where everywhere ,some trees had roots which was naturally made into steps on some slopes ,even though we were walking through dense forest and the air was fresh and filled with sounds of different creatures we didn’t get that compleate feel of walking through forest because of the huge number of tourists present there that day.we walked and walked and walked but we didn’t see any waterfall or any sign of it ,there was no mobile range in that area and its hours since we started walking and when we started walking we were like its just a few metre walk just go see the waterfall and come back snd head on to ponmudi , but now its hours of walking and we are in the middle of nowhere, we kept on asking the people coming in the opposite direction about waterfall and they were like its not at all near and we have to walk much more distance .

As we moved forward the slopes became steeper and steeper and in front there were huge rocks looking like hills standing upright as if they were placed there with help of some crane and some of them had natural concavities where you could stand and take pictures,some of the rocksstood in such a way that it acted as a kind of unbrella or shield and stone and cement benches were placed beneath the rock forpeople to rest. And in someplaces rope were tied forpeople to hold onand get support while walking through slopes.

As i told at the beginning ,we were not expecting a trek and didn’t wear dress or footwers accordingly and it was hard for to walk through the slippery path and also we didn’t had any water stocked to drink..As we moved forward the sound of water flowing became more clear and it had a soothing effect. We reached a place werethere was a steep sownward slope but this time it was tightly and loosly packed with stones looking like steps and huge boulders was all over the place.

It was a little bit hard for my mom to climb down those steep steps ,when we reached down we were standing in front of a naturalbridge across the river, we can’t say it is a proper bridge, there were stones and pebbles arranged in the floor of the river and a rope was tied across the river along with that so that people could walk across the bridge by getting support from the rope, there was a life guard standing the bridge and he was trying hard to avoid crowding in the middle of the bridge and then also some people crossed the rope and tried to bath in the river and thelife guard was pissed off and was blowing the whistle hardly ,i was very fond of walking through fresh cold water and walked through the brigde two to three times,mom was really afraid with me doing that,the place had a history ,a few years back they have opened the dam without and informing as nd the waterlevel raised in the river and so many tourist crossing this bridge wrre washed off and died.

We crossed the bridge and moved forward and again walked and walked and walked and atlast reached a the waterfalls…. the waterfall was not that big but it was beautiful and the water had small fishes it and the crystal clear water was really cold .The atmisphere was soothing and rejuvenating and we spend alittlebitmoretime there.

It was time for us to turn back and walk ,this time we walked back thise 2 km in a little more hurry because it was about to rain heavily and my dad was sitting alone iver there . When we reached at the place where dad was sitting the first thing i could remeber is buying a pepsi and talking a huge gulp of it . It was 5′ o clock in the evening we got into our car and headed on to ponmudi road but unfortunately we were stoped by the police because ponmudi hills were crowdedwith people and it can accommodate no more people and nobody was allowed to go so we headed back home… it was really pleasent feeling when i returned home and if you arelooking for a perfect one day trip spot this is one of the best one !!!



District : trivandrum

State : kerela

Country : India

Published by Sherin

A Passionate traveller and writer exploring the world in a creative way


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